General Pump Company, Inc. is a professional water well redevelopment and pump equipment contractor with offices, manufacturing, machine shop and repair facilities located in San Dimas and Camarillo, California. Our unique talent is problem-solving analysis through converting “symptoms” into root causes. We are licensed as: A- General Engineering, C-61 Limited Specialty, and a C-57 Well Drilling contractor in California allowing us to work on all aspect of water well, booster and groundwater facilities.

General Pump Company, Inc. is a family of capable and dedicated craftsman that take pride in their work and produce an innovative and quality product for every customer and project. General Pump Company, Inc. builds strong relationships with our customers and maintains those relationships for many years. Because we have a long working history with many of our customers, they know our crews, machinists, engineers and office staff by name.

The Engineering staff, field support and service crews, and office support staff of General Pump Company, Inc. are 100% dedicated to well evaluation and rehabilitation, and pump equipment evaluation and services.

Our company is based on the tradition of hard work, craftsmanship, integrity, and strong customer relationships. Every person at General Pump Company, Inc. is dedicated to providing each customer and project with quality service, innovation and proven technologies, along with a focus on safety and professionalism.