Well Services

General Pump Company, Inc. has the largest and most up-to-date pump pulling and work-over rigs, service support rigs, and field service trucks in Southern California.

General Pump Company, Inc. has capacities for pulling lineshaft and submersible pumps of up to 40- tons with our Grove rotary crane, over 80-tons with our Taylor rig, and 60-tons with each of our two custom built general machine pump pulling rigs – the only telescoping well rigs in the industry.

Well Services we perform include:

  • Brushing and Bailing
  • Mechanical and Chemical Well Treatments
  • Test and Development Pumping – New and Existing Wells
  • Specialty Chemical Solution Treatments
  • pH Adjusted Chlorination
  • AirBurst® and Other Pressure Surging Techniques
  • Dual Swab Airlift Cleaning
  • Well Casing Perforations
  • Bottom and Mid-Well Seals
  • Well Reconstruction and Hydraulic Flow Changes
  • Well Liners and Swage Patches
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Well Decommissioning